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Pandora - DO Be True to You

CD: Melissa Cain

Creative: Melissa Cain, Lottie Sole & Jess Mallett

Director: Georgi Banks-Davies

Photographer Lifestyle: Marcelo Krasilic

Photographer Jewellery: Roberto Badin

Our audience's values were changing. But the jewellery category hadn't really caught on. Ads always showed beautiful, opulent women languidly showing off their valuables, but didn't actually reflect anything of value to these women. 


Ethically sourced, hand crafted, environmentally and socially responsible, Pandora jewellery was not just pretty, it had real value. We just needed to let our audience know that side of our story.

So we created a fully integrated campaign covering TV, OOH, Print, Social, Influencer engagement, PR, in-store displays, and pop-up experiences that had integrity and individuality at its heart. We noticed that the word 'DO' was in the centre of our name, and so we used it as a brand platform to champion and empower women, and encourage everyone to be true to who they are.

In the launch film, we worked with real women from around the world, and asked them what their jewellery said about them. We also worked with 12 influencers to create hours of content and hundreds of images for use in social channels and PR. Including special a film released for World Earth Day that told our eco-story through their eyes. To help tell these and many other stories, we brought our influencers to the Pandora factory in Thailand so they could see first hand how environmentally, ethically and socially responsible the brand was, and gave them the opportunity to hand craft their very own charms.

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