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eBay - Get Extra

CD: Melissa Cain

Creative Team: Ran Stallard & Jenna Morrissey

Director: Melissa Cain

eBay used to be the go-to place for selling your unwanted things. But with the rise of new platforms like Shpock and Facebook Marketplace, we needed to remind people that even with their fees, you still make more money when you sell on eBay. And when you make more, you can get extra.

Just like Katherine Ryan, and her cute dogs, who really do love selling on eBay. 

This ad was the first of many I directed for eBay. No detail was spared in creating a colourful eBay set that would reflect the branded graphics on the social post. Even the inside of the incredible 4ft tall cake was red velvet. And while the bust of Katherine did not make it into the final film, she really did get a kick out of seeing herself in cake.

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