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eBay - Keep Life Moving

CD: Melissa Cain

Creatives: Tom Dixon & Erik Uvhagen

Director: Matt Devine @ Biscuit Filmworks

No matter what happens, eBay helps you keep life moving. With thousands of new and used items for sale, you can buy anything you need on eBay. But you can also sell everything when you no longer need it. Like that must-have toy your kids just had to have, and now a minute later are oh-so-over-it.

'94 Seconds' is the story of a couple facing big changes in life. This ad sparked quite the conversation online, with most people relating, but many men taking a (joking) offence to the '94 seconds' of love making.

'Out of con-Troll', which aired before the new Trolls movie, is the story of a child's obsession.

The OOH and social campaign used the buying and selling to tell relatable and tactical stories, and we encouraged people to come up with their own object-lead stories.

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