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Subway - My Sub My Way

CD: Mark McCall & Richard Dorey

Creatives: Melissa Cain & James Rooke

Director: Jonathan Herman (Keith, Bruce)

Director: Vesa Manninen (Gareth & Sturridge)

At a time in the UK, when the market was saturated with pre-packed, ready-made, cookie cutter food options, Subway was serving up something different. They were serving empowerment in a 6" sub. Because when you walk into a Subway, you can have whatever you want, the way you want it. With no side eye.

Created to support various new product offerings and partnerships, the My Sub My Way campaign ran for several years, across multiple platforms. As a result of the first 2 films, profits increased 16%, in-store traffic rose by 11.2%, and breakfast sales increased by 22%. 


Below are just a few of the hero films.

'Keith' - The first in the series, this ad promoted the new Subway Flatbread.

'Bruce' - Some people find it hard to wake up in the morning, like Bruce. So to help all the sleepy heads of the world out, Subway introduced breakfast, your way.

'Gareth' - With Chorizo now on the Subway menu, we wanted to introduce a character with a little Spanish Flamenco passion.

'Sturridge' - To celebrate our partnership with Liverpool FC striker Daniel Sturridge we decided to tell the story of how the legendary Pele inspired him as a child.

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