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Mr Kipling - An Exceedingly Good Distraction

CD/Creative: Melissa Cain

Director: Ric Cantor @ Hungryman

Photographer: Catherine Losing

For decades, Mr Kipling's cakes have been 'exceedingly good'. But the line and the work had become a bit passive. So when we were tasked to bring back the voice and humour of the original Mr Kipling, we knew we needed to give him a bit of an update.

So we turned to all the awkward little moments that arise, which we could all relate to. Like sending a text to your dad that was meant for your boyfriend. Or having to explain to your child why their fish is in the toilet. Moments, where an 'exceedingly good' distraction would come in handy. An 'exceedingly good' distraction in the form of some 'exceedingly good' cakes.

The TV campaign included 2 films and a series of idents that re-cemented Mr Kipling in the hearts and minds of the British public. We also created eye-catching visuals that brought some of the new product flavours to life.

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