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Pandora - My _____ Mother

CD/Creative: Melissa Cain & Ruth Boulter

Director: Martin Werner @ Bacon

Photographer: Elisabeth Toll

When it comes to Mother's Day, Hallmark, Google and every card shop in the country would suggest our mothers are nothing but 'sweetness', 'kindness' and 'love'. 

So to create a Mother's Day campaign with cut-through, and that would drive sales of personalised jewellery collections, we decided to challenge the conventional vocabulary around Mother's Day.

We started by asking 100 people to describe their mums in one word, and what came back was so much more descriptive, powerful and personal. Words like 'fierce', 'strong', 'resilient', 'curious', 'creative', even 'difficult'.

We turned this insight into a powerful UGC campaign, inviting people to post a picture of their mother using the #MyMother, along with one word they'd use to describe her, and of course this Mother's Day, to "celebrate who she really is" with a more considered gift - a piece of Pandora jewellery.

In store, we created a display, filled with the words our customers wrote down when they visited, so that both in-store, online, in print, social and on TV, we were celebrating Mother's for who they really were.


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