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Russia Today - Question More

ECD: Brian Fraser

Creative Team: Melissa Cain & James Rooke

In 2010, Russia Today challenged us to get people to watch RTNews in addition to their normal news sources. So we poured through the stories that both Western news outlets and RT were reporting on, and uncovered a difference. While Western news outlets were reporting that July had been the bloodiest month for deaths in Afghanistan, RT was reporting that July had been the deadliest month for soldiers dying from suicide back home. 

Armed with these two-sided stories, we created a campaign taking on the big headlines of the day, including the media itself. Designed to provoke debate, they illustrated the differing points of view in a striking overlaid image.

Hugely successful in their controversy, the campaign picked up an ANNA award before being pulled from other major awards shows after being banned in the US. But that didn't stop journalists from writing about the campaign within the pages of Western newspapers themselves. 

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