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Subway - Stay Picky

Creative: Melissa Cain & James Roooke

Director: Salmon @ Fish Films

Director VR film: Happy Finish

When Subway decided to launch their limited edition Pastrami Sub, we knew we had to go to the source, the Big Apple, to compare. After all, no one does Pastrami like New York.


Turns out, what Subway was offering was the real deal. But we couldn't fly everyone there to experience it for themselves. So we brought the authentic taste of New York to London, with an immersive eating experience at the Southbank.


To ensure fans up and down the country got a taste of NYC too, we created custom cardboard VR headsets that would work with our VR film, shot from the roof of an iconic NYC taxi cab as it drove around Manhattan.

The TV ad completed our New York experience, featuring a top bellboy fetching the perfect Pastrami Sub for the pickiest person on the planet. 

The result was increased perception in Subway's authenticity and the highest levels of brand engagement for a product launch in Subway history.

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